Inspired by nature


I’m a Tereza, the one who created Tereza Varga as a brand. I’m creating glass accessories, jewelry, menswear and home decor. I use simple glass and everyday plants. I combine the two to create functional and wearable items.

I started creating these pieces 3 years ago, in a little town Uzhhorod from west of Ukraine. Uzhhorod is where I’m from. My creations become popular after I participated in some cool design markets. In Ukraine, people come to appreciate handmade goods. Unique things created by local makers have become more and more popular.

I’m a full-time maker for more than one year, now together with my boyfriend, we are developing the brand all over the world.

I’m very happy to work with plants because they are very pure and unique, I personally i’m fascinated by nature, it’s purely amazing!

You can get inspired from nature anywhere and at any moment. I particularly like to use peony petals and also some rare plants that I don’t even know the name!

I graduated from the art academy in art glass department from Lviv, now, I’m using simple transparent glass but in future, I want to experiment more with this material, because it really inspires me. It’s a very interesting and unique material and you can work in many different ways.